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My Ex-Boyfriend Blocked Me on Facebook (Social Media)

Alright, so, a breakup has occurred and at least for a while, the lines of communication were still open. Now, something has happened and for some reason(s), your ex-boyfriend has blocked your account on Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, or another social media platform.

What do you do now? Why did this happen? I suppose for the younger generation of lovers, getting blocked on one of these social media sites is a big deal.

As such, I’ll have to address it in this post. I’m am going to write this in a more generalized style, so that it’s applicable to all of these kinds of sites/apps and not just Facebook as a standalone issue.

Is This Actually a Huge Problem?

On this website, I don’t usually take the approach of telling people to always get back with their ex, nor do I tell them to pursue at all costs.

The reasoning behind this approach, is that, I know what an emotional state I was in after past break ups. I would have done just about anything to get one of my ex-girlfriends back, at those points in time, even when it wasn’t the best option for my life.

The emotions made me want them back much more than any logical justification, that I could come up with in my head.

This being the case, I must first put forth the question, is this actually a huge deal that you were blocked on social media?

Is this upsetting you more than it actually should? Is this an indicator that you should prepare to move forward with your life, even if there is still a chance to get back together with your ex-boyfriend?

Yes, this can absolutely hurt bad, in the short-term.

Plus, it’s difficult to imagine things getting better while you’re experiencing the breakup in the here and now. However, learning to let go is a major part of the healing process and a part of being in relationships.

Win ex back now

Maybe, your ex-boyfriend blocking you on Facebook or Instagram, can aid in the healing process. Being bombarded by someone’s image everyday, seeing what they’re up to, and thinking about them thereafter only serves to reinforce the mental feedback loop of expectation.

Your brain expects to see them and can then cause negative emotions when that feedback doesn’t take place.

Add to the fact, that social media is ultimately not real life. People can build images and personas of themselves on there, that has no actual reflection in reality.

Seeing the images, status updates, and all of the rest of the stuff can just stir up jealousy and make things in the aftermath of the relationship worse…even make it more difficult to get back together.

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What Was the Reason that He Blocked Your Facebook?

Why did he block you? It is possible that this was merely a short, over-reaction on his part. It may be a short-lived time in the penalty box, so to speak, before he reverses his decision and unblocks you.

This could have been done because he was just really mad at you about something. Or, he is having trouble dealing with the break up. Right now, maybe he doesn’t want to see anything that reminds him of you, at this time.

There is also the other possibility, that this is for the long haul. He blocked you because at this point in time, he doesn’t want you involved in his life and the new direction that he is taking it in.

There probably isn’t a way of knowing if this is a shorter-term or longer-term situation, one will have to wait it out until the picture becomes clearer.

I believe that it’s always best to prepare for the longer term situation, in which, you have to grow and learn to live your life again as an individual…and not as a part of the now broken relationship.

Things may get fixed down the line, but it’s a good idea to plan for a likely scenario, so that you’re not just floating through life being lost and with no direction.


What was the Severity of the Block?

Was it simply Facebook that he blocked you on? If it was only on that platform, that’s a good sign, that it could lean towards the him being upset side of things.

Or was this an across the board communications ban? Did it include the phone, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat?

If it was an across the board block, it’s probably going to be a while, that one will be stuck in the realm of No Contact.

If it was only on one platform, like Facebook, it is best to let things be at the moment.

Don’t overreact and push him further away by trying to bombard him with messages or by getting upset that he blocked you. Not all is lost in this scenario, as you still have lines of communication open…just lay off of the messaging for a while.

Take this time to continue to improve your emotional situation and get a clear head about things.

On the flip side, if all lines of communication have been cut off, there is nothing you can really do in the intermediate term.

You will have to take a wait and see approach, as to whether you might be able to talk with him sometime down the line. He may be really pissed or hurt by something you did.

If it was cheating, for example, then it’s to be expected that he isn’t going to be open to talking very much with you for a decent chunk of time (or maybe ever).

How should you handle getting blocked on social media? The answer is essentially, do nothing.

This doesn’t mean never do anything, just bide your time, and wait for some clarity to appear in the situation. Sometimes, this is the best prescription, as taking action might only serve to dig the hole deeper or cause him to lose even more interest if you start to chase him.

Maybe it’s best to say that you aren’t ‘doing nothing’, rather, you are giving him the space he needs to cool off and get over what’s bothering him.

So, do this:

  • Treat the relationship as if it is completely over
  • Deal with emotional baggage and loneliness
  • Find new hobbies, opportunities, friends, dates, etc. to help spark positive change in your life
  • If the lines of communication do open up eventually, reevaluate if you still even want to try to fix this relationship with your ex-boyfriend.

Understand that: the outcome of the situation is not under your complete control. He is going to do what he is going to do and you cannot force him to want to talk to you.

What you can do is play the odds, towards the best possible outcome. In the situation of getting blocked on Facebook, the best way to play the hand you’ve been dealt is to, not panic and sit pat.

What’s the first move?

Obviously, in order to attempt to re-start a relationship, contact has to be reestablished with your ex. With all of the technology we have at our disposal today, perhaps, text messaging is the most logical choice to reach out to an ex once again.

Think about it:

  • They don’t have to agree to meet you face to face right away.
  • That message can sit on their phone until they are ready to respond. More time equals a greater chance.
  • You can craft the right message to them.
  • It’s a private and personal way of communication.

Here is relationship expert Michael Fiore. explaining texts as a form of communication for relationships:

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