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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Sometimes, it isn’t always you who is chasing or itching to get back together with your ex. There are plenty of instances in which they begin to signal that a reconciliation may be a possibility but they won’t just come right out and say it. They will show signs of interest in a very roundabout or indirect way. In this post, I want to explore a few of these signals that you can be on the lookout for during the post-breakup period.


They Reach Out First

One signal that I have noticed as well as many others going through a break up is when our ex consistently makes the first move to contact us first. It’s strange that even when they were the one who initiated the split, they go out of their way to contact you. This doesn’t always mean that they want to get back with you but it can signal that they are perhaps uncertain about things or just emotional devastated about the loss.

Keeping Tabs

This can be especially apparent in the age of social media. They’ll like your posts, check out who you’re talking to, etc. They also might start asking questions if you are dating someone or take an interest in what new activities you may have undertaken post-breakup.

Always Talking

It isn’t just that they may contact you first, it is also when they always seem to want to talk to you or text you. It can be a rough time for both parties involved after the end of a long relationship, so it can be expected that they will also be emotional about things. So, if they are talking to you quite frequently it may be a signal that there is still interest on their part, not a guarantee but there may be more there.

Directing Conversations Towards Specific Topics

When they are communicating frequently, that can be a sign, but when these conversations or texts start prodding or directing towards specific topics then it may in fact be a deeper signal. They will ask about who you are dating, talk to you about the past, what went wrong in the relationship and things of that nature. They may also do this when they are drunk or really late at night when they are alone. It is important to keep your cool and assess the situation calmly and without emotion.

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