Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back when He’s Ignoring You

The post-break up period can be quite a minefield of confusion to traverse. Both sides, once close, now have their own interests in mind and emotions are running extremely high. It’s almost inevitable it seems, that one party will cut off communication with the other. This can be pretty confusion or quite a let down, especially when you still want to reconcile with an ex-boyfriend but he doesn’t seem to want to communicate with you on any level, at the moment. Why won’t he talk all of the sudden? Why is he completely ignoring my calls, texts, etc? Well, as with anything else in life, there seems to be a multitude of answers possible. However, I want to point out some potential causes and solutions for dealing with such a total drop off in communication.


Alrighty then,  let’s get down to some reasons why an ex-boyfriend may be ignoring you, during the post-breakup period.

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He’s Moved On

Don’t freak out. This isn’t always the case, however, there are times when one side in a break up will get it in their mind that the best course of action to take is to move on entirely. I’ve personally done this before with one girl that I was dating. Despite the fact that it was still painful, I rejected her advances to see me, after she had dumped me. My reasoning for this was that she was only trying to use me for sex and comfort after she had broken up with me, and that I didn’t feel like being used. Why should I allow you to have whatever you want, when you basically told me that I was no longer good enough to be with you?

I rejected and then ignored her solely on principle. I wasn’t really ready to move forward with anyone else but I forced myself to be alone and resisted getting drawn back in with promises of easy sex and soothing of the post-break up pain.

Now, a man can also ‘move on’, by dating new women. This doesn’t always have to be serious, sometimes, he is just dating to help himself cope with the new situation but then other times he is genuinely trying to move forward with his life. He wants to head in a new direction.

‘Moving on’ can be sort of a misnomer, as it is often more like distracting oneself from the powerful emotions that are stirred up at the end of a relationship. It can go either way, but it is one distinct possibility of why an ex-boyfriend would begin to ignore.

He’s Annoyed


This usually happens when relationships end. One side will message, call, or try to meet in person the other side wayyyy tooo much. It’s not that he is either currently for or against the possibility of getting back together, it’s just the constant bombardment of communication is grating his nerves. There’s just something inherently unattractive about a person who makes themselves much too available and almost completely subservient.

Getting five texts in a row from a girl without me responding is at best an annoyance and at worst a little bit frightening. It’s counter intuitive when caught up in the emotional turmoil that is happening after a break up but the more you chase and text and beg, the more people tend to move further away from you.

I’ve seen it first hand from both sides. Me, writing long messages to an ex, totally sure in my mind that it’d work and she’d come back. When in reality, it just made me stink of desperation, which is especially unattractive to women. On the flip side, I’ve had girls do it to me, and it really does make me lose interest very fast.

Cut out the heavy communication, if you’re currently doing so. I know there is a tendency to want to try and fix everything ASAP but understand that you can’t really and it’s actually counterproductive. This is why the period of No Contact, can be so damn effective. It prevents us from making dumb mistakes that hurt our chances at reconciliation.


It’s Apart of His Strategy

The No Contact Rule has become more popular recently and so an ex-boyfriend may have cut off communication as a strategy. No Contact can be used either to help get over someone or conversely to help try to get someone back. I’m not saying that this is the most likely scenario, it’s almost certainly not, BUT it is a possible motive for why he is ignoring.

No Contact provides people with space and allows for clarity to take hold in one’s life without interference from the person that they just broke up with.


He’s Really Upset

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Another distinct possibility of why an ex could be ignoring someone is that he’s simply pissed off. Lying, cheating, or some other reason that made this particular break up extra difficult to deal with could be spurring on a strong desire not to have any communication within the near future.

If something really bad happened to cause the break up, then it is to be expected that a guy would be hurt and simply be in no mood to talk or even acknowledge his ex-girlfriend. Especially, in the cheating scenario, that would be a complete non-starter for me and I know many other guys who wouldn’t allow anything to be fixed with someone who did that to them.

Not all is lost, though, a guy being upset may eventually pass. He could then be open to communication but just needs time and space to cool off and gather his bearings.

Then again, he may be so angry and hurt that he shuts down completely and wants nothing to do with the old relationship ever.


What To Do?


The exact motives are hard to ascertain as there are so many possibilities as to why a guy may stop communicating after a break up.  The remedy for such a situation? Fall back and then attempt to reengage later.

What does this mean? It means going into No Contact on your end. Don’t try to force him to talk when he doesn’t want to, which will only serve to push him further away. With space and time, comes clarity about what each individual wants.

Take the time period of No Contact to figure out exactly what you want for your life. You may come to find that with time alone and when the heavy emotions come under control that you actually don’t want your ex-boyfriend back. You may want to go in a completely different direction in your life whether that be: career wise, education, romantically, or even where in the world you live.

Time apart is about healing and getting yourself in a better place to make sound decisions about your future with or without him. In fact, one should always prepare for the more likely scenario that the relationship is finished…because it is. Any reconciliation that comes to pass, is essentially a new relationship that needs to be fundamentally different from the one that failed. All the former fights and problems need to be solved.

No Contact is usually a period of 30-60 days. At that point in time, the situation becomes clearer and what one wants for themselves is pretty obvious.


What’s the first move?

Obviously, in order to attempt to re-start a relationship, contact has to be reestablished with your ex. With all of the technology we have at our disposal today, perhaps, text messaging is the most logical choice to reach out to an ex once again.

Think about it:

  • They don’t have to agree to meet you face to face right away.
  • That message can sit on their phone until they are ready to respond. More time equals a greater chance.
  • You can craft the right message to them.
  • It’s a private and personal way of communication.

Here is relationship expert Michael Fiore. explaining texts as a form of communication for relationships:

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