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My Ex-Girlfriend Says She Never Loved Me…Really?

Things get really intense during the time after a break up. Sometimes, things are said which really cut deep and hurt badly. One fairly common thing that gets said, is that, one partner never truly loved the other. When an ex-girlfriend says this, it certainly packs a punch. We start to question, how someone that we spent so much time with and assured us of their love, could actually say this sort of thing. Did she mean it? Is she just trying to piss me off? Let’s take a bit of a closer look at this situation and try to sort things out.

Does She Mean It? She Never Loved Me?

Short answer: maybe.

On the one hand, yes, an ex-girlfriend could seriously never loved the guy that she was dating. She may have been fond of him or just stuck around for other reasons. Saying, ‘I love you’, during a relationship may have just been a way to get by and keep things going.

There are some people who are either incapable of loving anyone or can love someone but will still be in long-term relationships with people they don’t actually love.

Another possibility is that the ex-girlfriend really did love the guy and is just acting spiteful during the post-break up period. She might be upset or just said something in the moment, that she really didn’t mean.

This is just trying to elicit a response and hurt feelings. That’s a pretty shitty move, but the not ever loving the other person trope, is a complete lie.

Another option is, that she is just saying it to get out ahead of you. Perhaps she thinks you’re going disavow the relationship and try to hurt her. How? By saying that you never loved her.

It’s a strategy that may be coming out consciously or unconsciously. Say the thing that you fear hearing, to the other person, before they can say it to you.

In this case, she probably did love your or still does, but she doesn’t want to feel that impact. So, she puts it out on you. Again, not a very admirable thing to be doing.

The whole love thing can be really tricky at times and a downright ugly business. Hell, there are plenty of cases where a woman marries and has kids with a man that she doesn’t love, just to extract resources and her real sexual desires get met by other men she has affairs with.

I’m not trying to scare anyone off of dating or anything like that, but there always will be a certain percentage of the population, who simply aren’t great people when you get down to it.

It gets lonely sometimes

It gets lonely sometimes

How to Deal With It?

Love that isn’t reciprocated by the other party, hurts really bad. However, as men, we cannot continually chase these types of women and try to make them feel something that they do not. The best thing that can be done is to move forward without them in your life.

No guy likes hearing that we really weren’t the one that she was looking for. It makes the whole relationship feel like a sham and it sucks to hear that you may have been the only one who was fully invested.

Whether she meant that she never loved you or not, is actually irrelevant. In either case, one can get out of a bad relationship that would’ve only gotten worse as time went on.

At the very least, you are dealing with someone who want to exact an emotional toll on you, or at the worst someone who is unfeeling and wants to use you.

Remember, there are always other options to date. Billions of women on this planet and even if only 1% like you, that leaves more chicks than you could ever possibly meet or date.

We all get burned by at least one during our dating careers and it’s really best to just deal with the emotions, loneliness, etc. and to mentally let it all go eventually. We cannot let one person have such a huge negative influence in our lives.

If she wants to be miserable and spiteful, let her be that way. You, on the other hand, don’t have to involve yourself. You can focus on your life and your goals and keep improving your situation.

Women lust for him…

If others want to try and hurt your feelings, learning to let go of those negative emotions and not reacting to their provocations, really is the best strategy. Trying to emotionally hurt someone and then having to watch them not have any reaction to it, is really frustrating for the person using emotional manipulation. It’s like a boomerang effect on their spitefulness.

Forgiving them or not is a matter of personal choice. The main thing is to mentally let it go for your own future well being. Things can absolutely start to feel normal again with time, as long as one doesn’t dwell on the past and their feelings of anger or resentment.


Can You Get Her Back If She Didn’t Really Mean It?

Sure, you can. The question is do you actually want to? It can take a lot of time and energy to fix a busted relationship, so, it’s not always worth it. This can especially be true for this situation.

If someone is saying that they don’t love you, specifically to hurt, then why would a relationship with them be something you’d still want?

Now, if it’s the case that you hurt her first and she responded with that, then I’d say the odds of a reconciliation are much better. Though, there will still probably be plenty of trust that needs to be rebuilt.

If she truly meant it, then move on with your life. Recover from the pain and let it go.

If she didn’t really mean it, then it’s your own personal call, as to what you want in your life. There are a lot of variables and questions, that you need to answer, in order to figure out whether she is worth it or not.

Again, if it was really a verbal battle between the two of you, she might have just said that in the heat of the moment and didn’t actually mean it.

What’s the first move?

Obviously, in order to attempt to re-start a relationship, contact has to be reestablished with your ex. This can be rough going, after someone says that they never loved the other person.

Luckily, with technology, re-establishing contact can be relatively passive and easier to attempt.

Think about it:

  • They don’t have to agree to meet you face to face right away.
  • That message can sit on their phone until they are ready to respond. More time equals a greater chance.
  • You can craft the right message to them.
  • It’s a private and personal way of communication.

Here is relationship expert Michael Fiore. explaining texts as a form of communication for relationships:

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