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Does No Contact Rule Work to Get an Ex-Girlfriend Back?

The No Contact Rule is a tried and true stand by for dealing with the post-breakup world one finds themselves in, once a relationship collapses. A common question that arises when this strategy is brought up is, does it actually work? Can one get their ex-girlfriend to come back by avoiding any kind of verbal or social engagement with her? After all, what is so damn special about No Contact, and why should one not talk to the woman that he wants to get back together with?


Does No Contact Work?

When asking whether something works or not, I think that it’s important to define what that actually means. If you are asking for a fool-proof, 100% success rate way of getting an ex-girlfriend back fast…sorry, it doesn’t exist.

Each relationship is a separate problem unto itself. Each individual will have different desires and needs in their lives, thus, a blanket strategy isn’t going to have a 100% success rate to attract them back.

Is that really the issue, however? How few things in life actually have a 100% success rate?

The actual question should be, does the No Contact Rule work better than the alternatives? In my experience, it does indeed.

Win ex back now

What do most guys do when they want to get their exes back? Is there any real coherent strategy? One day, you might not want her back, and then the next day she is all that you think about. The emotional turmoil following a break up is so intense, that the plan to get her back is all over the place. Sometimes you’re strong and cool, sometimes you come off as desperate and needy.

What the No Contact Rule does on one level, is to keep up a consistent front for a period of time, so that one doesn’t blow his opportunity to reconcile the relationship. That 3 AM text or phone call can come off mighty desperate and only serves to hurt the chances of ever getting things to work out.

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It’s kind of like basketball. You’re never going to hit 100% of the shots that you take, you’re going to miss eventually. What the No Contact Rule does is to get you a higher percentage shot, instead of some off balance, one-legged turnaround jumper while you have a broken wrist and are 50 feet away from the basket…which is what you are essentially taking while in that poor emotional state following the breakup.

Does No Contact work? It can. Sometimes it doesn’t. However, it usually gives one the best odds of making the correct moves towards getting an ex back.  

Of course, there are cases where no matter what you do, she ain’t getting back together with you. You can try but at some point, it is time to move on with your life.


Why No Contact?

No Contact is essential because it gives both parties space and time to heal away from one another. In an emotional moment or highly charged emotional period of time, poor decisions can be made that someone who was sober and levelheaded wouldn’t make.

It of course would ‘feel’ good to get back together with someone immediately after they aren’t in your life any longer. There is a void and a depth of emotion that feels like it needs to be quelled after such an event. That doesn’t mean that it is the best long-term decision.

The breakup happened for a reason or multitude of reasons. These issues need to be worked out for a new relationship to work but sometimes these issues cannot be worked out. Getting back together when the differences cannot be mended is a recipe for a failure over the long-term.

She needs space to figure out exactly what she wants in her life and as a man you need to do the same. With time and an appropriate perspective on things, you might find out that you want to take a completely different course with your life, and one that doesn’t involve your ex-girlfriend. However, without time apart from one another, you might never realize this fact and try to barrel forward with a reconciliation of a broken relationship.

Time is an ally in this process because it allows the brain to heal. Make no mistake, love is like a drug, and a break up can feel like an addict losing their drug of choice. How can one make a rational choice about how to move forward, if constant contact is maintained? The view of the right path to take will only emerge with the clarity imposed by time passed.


What to Do During No Contact

Obviously, try to avoid talking to her as much as possible. However, I have always felt and made this a point to do in my own life, that this period of No Contact and indeed the post-breakup period itself should be about personal growth. Take the time to focus on yourself and improving your life with or without her.

Read, workout, pursue interests, explore new opportunities…whatever. Don’t make rash decisions and upend your life on a whim BUT figure out ways that you can make yourself feel better that are positive, not self-destructive, and don’t rely on your ex-girlfriend as a positive stimulus.

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What Comes After No Contact?

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