Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

How to Make Your Ex-Girlfriend Regret Leaving You

Ahhhhhh, the gamesmanship of human relationships. It can be a funny thing sometimes to see how it develops and changes over the course of many months or years. From the initial meeting, where the game is a subtle dance of attraction and trying to get yourself a girlfriend. To the post-breakup mess of trying to show up the other person by how quickly you can move on or supposedly ‘upgrade’ to a better chick. In reality, this types of actions are really just shallow and petty. I don’t subscribe to the notion that someone ‘wins’ at the end of a relationship (even if it’s a divorce and the courts award financial payments from one party to another). To me, it is just representative of a change in life, just like any other. No different from any other breakup or a change in friends as one grows more mature. So, the question begs, how does one make an ex-girlfriend regret leaving you? The true answer is not to focus on it or even concern yourself with it. In this post, I want to explore a little bit as to what I mean exactly and how this can be implemented into a man’s life and core values.


Think About What You’re Actually ‘Winning’ or Trying to ‘Win’

make dem changes

make dem changes

OK, so you want to make your ex sorry that she ever left you. Cool. Why is that? Is there some award that your name comes up for when you accomplish this? No? Then why should you focus your time on such a feat? Break down what is really going on here. Break things down to its base. You want to make her feel regret (bad emotions) because you currently have said bad emotions and by shifting those to her you will elevate yourself to a better emotional state. So, instead of moving forward in your life without her or perhaps even thinking about how to possibly fix the relationship, you want to dedicate time towards trying to get the upper hand in some mental narrative you have going?

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For a moment, I would like for you to consider not focusing on how to make her feel bad about letting you go, rather, try to gain mental clarity and focus on letting your attachment to this idea of regret go. People come and go out of our lives. Sometimes, it’s a simple change and other times it can be an ugly breakup when egos are seriously invested. Chasing after petty points and victories after a breakup are ultimately very hollow ‘wins’. You’ve really only succeeded in possibly hurting someone you probably still care about on some level and have given a boost to your own ego instead of turning your attention inward and making your own life better and more vibrant.

People Notice When You Build Yourself Up and Not Tear Others Down


The funny thing is that, girls will tend to notice the positive changes you make within your life and how you’ve changed as a person. So, if you’re focusing on self improvement rather than simply trying to make her feel regret, she might naturally come to regret breaking up with you simply because you’ve become such a great person with an awesome life.

I’ve seen this sort of thing in action first hand. Back when I couldn’t get girlfriends, dates, sex, etc. I would think that I was simply not attractive to women and I’d never be able to get very much if anything. I was partly correct, I wasn’t attractive to women at that time. However, I could develop myself into the man I wanted to be and thereby attract women into the world I created. This included reading books constantly, getting into better shape physically, learning to socialize, developing my personal philosophy, pursuing my passions, working on my ideal lifestyle, etc. All of these things in totality, over the years has yielded a much greater ability to attract women and make them want to be a part of my life. Even girls who knew me back when I was without confidence or skill, took notice of the change and some even made themselves available to me.

The journey of life is ultimately about yourself and coming to terms with your existence in a world that can be flat out crazy and brutal. It can however, also be beautiful, and gearing yourself up to pursue the beautiful in life has plenty of benefits. One of which being, that people are naturally attracted to confidence and guys who make their lives their own.

So, in a very real way, the key to make someone regret leaving you behind, is to not focus on making them feel regret. The key is to focus on yourself and creating your ideal life. Let other people have their pettiness and emotional manipulations. You should rise above that, understand what they’re doing, and love them anyways. The revenge notion or getting the better of someone post-breakup is quite frankly a waste of time. Don’t let yourself become controlled by these intense emotions but let yourself observe them arise and notice how they effect your thinking in a negative manner.

Also, if you truly want your ex-girlfriend to even want you back, do you think you’re going to honestly accomplish this by trying to make her feel negative emotions instead of pure attraction? As I’ve written here before:

Oftentimes, when you take the time to gain clarity you will see that even if she was a good fit for you, she wasn’t the right fit for you and that the thought of moving on is just scary to you. The future has yet to be determined and we tend to cling to the past when we haven’t figured out the next step we want to take is.



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