Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Should You Try to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back from Her New Boyfriend?

There seems to be a definite abundance of cases in which guys still want their ex-girlfriends back…even when she is now with another guy. Hmmm, that’s a hard one to pull off and one in all honesty may not be worth the price of admission so to speak. The name of this website is and the real question that people need to seriously ask themselves is built into the title, should you try to get your ex back or should you just simply move on with your life?

Honestly, the best answer for your future and well-being, is probably the one you don’t want to hear in the moment. The fact of the matter is, if your ex-girl is now in a relationship with another guy, you should be making preparations to move on with your own dating life. Forgetting about someone is definitely tough and the loneliness is downright awful at times, however, it is simply in the nature of things that new relationships occur, mature, and indeed ultimately perish. There is no good reason that you should be wasting your good years hoping for someone that might be gone for good…not to say that it can’t happen again with them, only that now isn’t that time, and that you should be building a quality life for yourself regardless if they come back to you or not.

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What is certain about such a situation is that chasing after the girl, obsessing, and making bold declarations of love is not the path to take. It only serves to make a man look desperate (which is inherently unattractive) and will most likely repel them further away from you. Taking the opposite tact and focusing on improving your own life and allowing new girls to flow into it is the best course of action to take? Why? Well, not only will it help you cope and move on without her, it will also raise your perceived value. So, on the off chance in the future your ex-girlfriend wants you back she will see that you can indeed survive and thrive without her.

Understand, that it can often take a long time for an ex-girl to even want to come back to you and at that point, it might be you who wants nothing to do with them. I’ve had exes contact me 4-5 years after the fact, as if time had stood still for me and that I would even be interested in rehashing such an old relationship. Sure, her current relationship with another guy could be one that isn’t very serious and if it doesn’t work out she could come back and start sniffing around to rekindle your relationship…but you can’t bank on that, so it makes sense to prep for the more likely scenario.