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Why Won’t My Ex-Boyfriend Reply to My Text Messages?

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Texting has pretty much revolutionized communication over the past decade or so. Along with it, both positive and negative aspects of this transformation in technology. No longer do you have to rely on playing phone tag to get a hold of someone in order to talk to them.

On the flip side, it can also make it easier to ignore or simply choose not to reply to someone, like an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. So, she can now see that we’ve texted, hit her up on Facebook Messenger, What’s App; and not get back to us at all. In essence, leaving us wondering why?

So, exactly why may an ex be choosing to ignore the person that they just broke up with or were dumped by? Well, in this post I want to explore some of the more common reasons that an ex-boyfriend may not be replying to texts that you send to them post-breakup.

There may be more specific reasons, to your individual situation, but I can only lay out the most universal causes.

Why is He Ignoring and Not Responding to my Texts?

It’s Become Irritating

One of the main reasons, that people will stop replying to text messages, is due to over-texting by the other person. At some point, a guy will get tired of having to rehash the same old fights, or have his ex-girlfriend begging him to take her back.

Frankly, it’s not a good look. Texting too much becomes pathetic and unattractive to the person, even when you think that it is helping your case to get them back (hint: it isn’t helping).

Win ex back now

More is not necessarily always better and can often have the opposite effect of what you intended.

Instead of looking forward to a text message from you, he will actually be repulsed, and driven away from feeling like ever responding.

Desperation is unattractive and by texting all the time or just too much, one can easily come off as desperate, thus less attractive in their ex’s eyes.

However, it is actually a really common thing. After a break up, we tend to be really panicky and desperate. We think that if we can just explain ourselves, we can ‘fix’ the broken relationship.

Thus, we over-text, when we feel that it’s not really going our way. We try to get them to just understand, but instead, the ex will be pushed away. It’s counterintuitive to what we think, but chasing them and pleading, really isn’t an effective strategy.

He’s Really Mad

Emotions are usually running pretty high, during the post-breakup period, and sometimes that main emotion is anger. This situation can vary in how long it lasts, because we are dealing with emotions, and not everyone has the same patterns.

There are times in which, all it takes is a short break from one another, in order for their emotional outbursts to subside. However, there are situations like when a girl cheated on her ex-boyfriend that the resentment can last for much longer.

This can be a very tough situation to extricate themselves from. The deeper the emotional scars, the harder it’ll be to get him back, willing to talk.


An ex-boyfriend being mad at you, usually isn’t that big of a deal. As it mostly involves, waiting on them to wear themselves out with being angry at you; before they’re willing to talk again.

Though, as I said, it can be more serious depending on your individual circumstances. You know what happened in your relationship and the ensuing break up.

Was he really angry at you? Has he become angry with you, after you did or said something, post-breakup?

He’s Moving On or Trying To

An ex cutting off communication may be the result of them trying to move on with their lives on their own terms without the baggage of the old relationship.

This can mean that they want to strike out on their own and be single for a while or it can mean that they are seeing other women or one specifically.

This can be the most emotionally painful of the reasons to deal with, as seeing that an ex is with someone else or no longer wants to be with you is a blow to our ego.

While it isn’t an easy experience to get through, we all must come face to face with this at some point in our dating lives. We should ultimately accept, that time and circumstances change, how things once were between two people.

There comes a time when we must learn to let go and deal with our emotional fallout from the breakup. This doesn’t mean necessarily that a broken relationship cannot be repaired eventually, but that we have to prepare ourselves for life on our own, regardless of the outcome.

Sometimes, people just need to go out on their own for a while. They go out and date and try new things. But, what many people often find, is that the grass isn’t always greener. Then, they start to remember what they had fondly, which can play to our advantage of reconciling things.

Where’s the Challenge?

make dem changes

This is sort of related to the point about becoming annoying by texting him too much. If you’re in constant communication or chase mode with an ex-boyfriend, where is the challenge to him at getting you back in his life?

If you’re always available to him, is he going to see you as a high value woman, who has lots of things going for her? Or is he going to become even less attracted to you due to his familiarity with you and the fact that he knows he can have you back at any time?

There are times when the fun, is in the chase itself. Something or someone that is widely available, has less value in people’s eyes, than something that is more scarce and sought after.

Begging is not attractive. Treating him like his some elevated being, is not attractive. Having respect for yourself, as a woman, is attractive.

What’s there to draw him back to? There is such a thing, as playing hard to get. Now, some people go crazy with it, and make it near impossible to get. Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to not always make yourself so available.

What Can You Do when the Ex-Boyfriend Won’t Reply?

The strategy should be fairly simple. Trying to text him now, obviously isn’t working. We now have some possible reasons why and you can think about one’s that are specific to your situation.

The first step, should be to cease the texts, for the time being. Go No Contact for 30 days, at least. I wouldn’t go more than two months, before reaching out again.

During this time, do some work on yourself. Get your emotions and mind, in a good place, before deciding what to do next. You want to be utterly certain that you want to try to get back together with him.

You need to make sure that you’re not just in a bad emotional spot, currently. That you do indeed, actually want to get back together with him.

If reconciliation is the path that you want to try, then, you will re-contact him after a No Contact Period.

What’s the first move?

Obviously, when it is time to re-contact the ex, there’s going to have to be a good way to do it. We’ve already been talking about texting, in this post, and that’s one of the most effective ways to reach out.

He won’t respond right now, but hopefully with some time apart, he will have a change of mind.

Think about it:

  • They don’t have to agree to meet you face to face right away.
  • That message can sit on their phone until they are ready to respond. More time equals a greater chance.
  • You can craft the right message to them, with no time limit. No need to think on your feet, for ‘the perfect thing to say’.
  • It’s a private and personal way of communication.

Here is relationship expert Michael Fiore. explaining texts as a form of communication for relationships:

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Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

What to Do When Your Ex-Girlfriend Says She Needs Space

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One of the most common phrases or excuses that is used during break ups is one partner telling the other that, “I need space” or “I need time to think”. Now, this can be quite confusing for the guy who is on the receiving end of this phrase, and who is still hoping that his ex-girlfriend will come back to him.

A person saying that they ‘need space’ can actually have many different meanings depending on who it is saying it. So, the question begs, what should I do when my ex asks for this time apart from one another?

Is there actually a path forward or is she just using the space and time excuse, as a ploy, in order to break away more easily?

The Multitude of Meanings

What does it mean to need space? On the very surface level, it can obviously mean that exactly…leave her the hell alone for awhile.

However, it can also mean that they just want space so that they can make a clean break easier to deal with, that they want to see someone else (either in particular or find someone new), or even that they just want to try out some new things in their lives, without having to worry about their now ex-boyfriend snooping around.

Needing space can be a good way to let someone go easier, as she doesn’t have to see you all of the time and keep dredging up those old emotions, again and again.

But again, it can just mean she needs time to sort things out in her mind and life. So, don’t freak out about it. Time apart will lead to clarity.

People really can feel overwhelmed by an ex. Perhaps she really does have too much going on in her life right now, to deal with you being around, or trying to reconcile the relationship.

Stress and a deluge of thoughts can put quite a lot of pressure on someone. This is particularly true, during the emotional tumult, following a break up. So, yes, taking time and having space to breathe can be a great idea.

This is something that you need to accept. I know that it can be in our nature as men, to try to fix things by being proactive. That isn’t always the best course of action. Sometimes, we need to fall back, and let things settle down before trying to rebuild things with our ex-girlfriend.

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Does This Mean That I Should Keep Talking to Her, If She’s Trying to Make It Easier to Let Me Go?

No! Despite what she may have meant, you have no way of know what she meant exactly. As such, the best course of action is to take her at her word and give her space.

Constantly begging her to come back or to even just talk to you is not only annoying, but it is also inherently unattractive. It makes you seem like you have no life or thought independent of her, which is unappealing to her, regardless if it is true or not.

Her needing space is healthy. She needs to stop being sick of being around you and work through her life/emotions. Let her be.

Think about someone annoying pestering you and you just want them to stop. It’d be pretty annoying, right? That’s the place you find yourself in right now, with the ex.

Now, this is temporary. Moods change, people’s mind gets clear, and they learn what they want over time. However, if you’re interrupting this temporary state, she could very well push you away even further.

And that’s definitely not what you want.

It gets lonely sometimes

It gets lonely sometimes

Will She Ever Come Back?

There’s no guarantee either way. Individual circumstances may vary and while she may still love you, she might not want to be together with you any longer.

It’s just the way the relationship game works. It can be almost impossible sometimes to win back a person who has truly fallen out of love. However, there are other relationships which end for other reasons and those can have a decent chance of being rekindled.

While the odds vary depending on the circumstances involved, they can be further altered by the actions that you take post-breakup.

So, that means if she wants time to herself and space to herself, that is something you have to respect. Not only for her own benefit but also for your own and whether or not things may eventually worked out between the two of you.

In the end, yes, there’s still a chance that she’ll come back after this break in time. Just give yourself the best odds of making it happen.

Give Her Space, Go No Contact for a Time

Her having space is not a punishment to you. It is an opportunity for the both of you to get out from under the baggage of the now defunct relationship.

This isn’t a time to pine over her and obsess over the notion of the two of you getting back together.

Instead, utilize this time to focus on yourself and your own interests. With time apart, it isn’t uncommon to find out that in reality, you don’t actually want to get back with your ex-girlfriend.

Many times, guys discover that most of what they were ‘missing’ about her, was just the powerful emotions that get stirred up in the post-breakup period.

Take this period to follow the No Contact Rule. Give her that space but also give it to yourself and focus on getting yourself together emotionally.

Prepare to move on from the relationship mentally, even if a reconciliation is still a possibility in the future. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

No Contact will usually last for 30-45 days. After that amount of time has passed, you can try to reopen the lines of communication with her.

Sometimes, she’ll come back sooner. In that case, her needing time alone, was short lived. That’s fine, but don’t go overboard with pouring out your heart to her, as soon as she’s ready to talk.

Take it slower. Gradually build things up with her again. Then, the two of you can work on the problems that the relationship had, or agree to go your separate ways. Depending on what your case calls for.

What Comes After No Contact?

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