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Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

What to Do When Your Ex-Girlfriend Says She Needs Space

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One of the most common phrases or excuses that is used during break ups is one partner telling the other that, “I need space”. Now, this can be quite confusing for the guy who is on the receiving end of this phrase and who is still hoping that his ex-girlfriend will come back to him. A person saying that they ‘need space’ can actually have many different meanings depending on who it is saying it. So, the question begs, what should I do when my ex asks for this time apart from one another?


The Multitude of Meanings

What does it mean to need space? On the very surface level, it can obviously mean that exactly…leave her the hell alone for awhile.

However, it can also mean that they just want space so that they can make a clean break easier to deal with, that they want to see someone else (either in particular or find someone new), or even that they just want to try out some new things in their lives, without having to worry about their now ex-boyfriend snooping around.

Needing space can be a good way to let someone go easier, as she doesn’t have to see you all of the time and keep dredging up those old emotions, again and again.

But again, it can just mean she needs time to sort things out in her mind and life. So, don’t freak out about it. Time apart will lead to clarity.


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Does This Mean That I Should Keep Talking to Her, If She’s Trying to Make It Easier to Let Me Go?

No! Despite what she may have meant, you have no way of know what she meant exactly. As such, the best course of action is to take her at her word and give her space. Constantly begging her to come back or to even just talk to you is not only annoying but it is also inherently unattractive. It makes you seem like you have no life or thought independent of her, which is unappealing to her, regardless if it is true or not.

Her needing space is healthy. She needs to stop being sick of being around you and work through her life/emotions. Let her be.


It gets lonely sometimes

It gets lonely sometimes

Will She Ever Come Back?

There’s no guarantee either way. Individual circumstances may vary and while she may still love you, she might not want to be together with you any longer. It’s just the way the relationship game works. It can be almost impossible sometimes to win back a person who has truly fallen out of love. However, there are other relationships which end for other reasons and those can have a decent chance of being rekindled.

While the odds vary depending on the circumstances involved, they can be further altered by the actions that you take post-breakup. So, that means if she wants time to herself and space to herself, that is something you have to respect. Not only for her own benefit but also for your own and whether or not things may eventually worked out between the two of you.


What to Do Once You Give Her Space

Her having space is not a punishment to you. It is an opportunity for the both of you to get out from under the baggage of the now defunct relationship. This isn’t a time to pine over her and obsess over the notion of the two of you getting back together.

Instead, utilize this time to focus on yourself and your own interests. With time apart, it isn’t uncommon to find out that in reality, you don’t actually want to get back with your ex-girlfriend. Many times, guys discover that most of what they were ‘missing’ about her, was just the powerful emotions that get stirred up in the post-breakup period.

Take this period to follow the No Contact Rule. Give her that space but also give it to yourself and focus on getting yourself together emotionally. Prepare to move on from the relationship mentally, even if a reconciliation is still a possibility in the future. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

What Comes After No Contact?

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